Friday, July 11, 2008

Oil jumped past $147/barrel briefly today.

I don't drive, so I haven't been hit that hard by this, but I am not looking forward to the winter heating bill. At all.

Also, John McCain, who likes to saber rattle at Iran all the time, said he couldn't comment on I forget what military initiative because he didn't know "the nature, the progress, or the status" of...whatever our problem with Iran is (besides that they threw out our pet dictator back in the seventies and they're dirty dirty Muslims who don't like hold hands (literally) with the President like the Saudis do).

Just to recap, he also frequently has confused Sunni and Shi'a ("Al Qaeda is working with Iran!" ", sir, they hate each other."); he has argued for continued military presence in Iraq by comparing it to South Korea and Germany, which is like comparing apples and marmosets; he has professed ignorance on his own position on whether birth control pills should be covered by insurance; he has said himself that he doesn't know much about economics and then denied ever saying so.

I'm just trying to figure out what John McCain isn't confused about. I mean, I would say he was pretty clear on wanting to be president, but I feel like the only rational explanation for someone who managed to appear intelligent, competent, and principled for so long suddenly turning into a befuddled gaffe machine is self-sabotage. Maybe he decided he doesn't want the job after all.

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