Thursday, July 17, 2008

This is really interesting. Obama's about to go on a grand tour of Europe and the Middle East. People there are really excited about it. He's got between 53% and 72% variables in England, France, and Germany. Leaders of Ireland and Lebanon complained he wasn't going to visit them, too.

The general line going around is that basically the world is totally ready and willing to love again. Specifically, to love the U.S. again, and Obama is the key to its heart.

Such a big deal is this that CBS, NBC, and I forget what other network are actually going to FOLLOW HIM AROUND and do their nightly broadcasts from campaign stops. I mean, damn.

The McCain camp is kind of hung from their own petard on this one. They made their overseas trips at the height of the Democratic primary battle, and they made a big deal of agitating for Obama to go overseas. Now he is, and he's getting massive amounts of attention for it, partly due to their hammering away at him for not having gone before. Oops.

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