Thursday, July 17, 2008

Oh, also, I hope you all saw yesterday that MA lifted a law dating from 1913 that said any marriage that would be illegal in someone's home state, even if legal in MA, could not be performed for that person in MA. The idea was basically to prevent interracial couples from coming up from, say, Kentucky and getting married in Massachusetts.

Well, they lifted that law. New York recently passed a law saying they'd recognize same-sex marriages in NY that were made in other states, even though NY doesn't currently allow gay marriage.

So what we have is effective legalized gay marriage in NY. Every gay couple is gonna drive up to Boston, get hitched, have a party, and drive back. Or drive back and have the party at home. Whatever. It's awesome. I feel like Connecticut should just hop on the bandwagon so they can steal all Massachusetts' profits (gas, wedding planners, bakeries, wedding halls, and on and on and on).

You know what has poetic justice about this? The main reason anybody remembered that Massachusetts law existed was that when good ol' Mitt Romney was governor and trying to stop TEH GAYZ, he cited it as an argument against gay marriage. I think he also warned that Boston would become Gay Las Vegas or something (as if Las Vegas wasn't gay enough already). EAT IT, MITT. Also, while you're at it, please join the McCain ticket. It'll be the funniest, most ill-fated thing in YEARS.

I wonder if some random town just across the southern border of Massachusetts will suddenly experience a BIG GAY ECONOMIC BOOM.

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