Thursday, July 17, 2008

Al Gore made a big climate/energy address today, challenging the nation to rise to the circumstances the way we did when Kennedy urged us to put a man on the moon. He wants all electricity from renewable resources in ten years.

Here is the text of the speech, with annotations from Andrew C. Revkin of the NYT.

Don't read the comments unless you want to be driven straight off the deep end. Sometimes I forget what a liberal bubble I live in.

Anyway, I say go. It may not be possible in ten years, yes, but the whole point of this speech--which everybody reading it seemed to miss--was that now is the time to mobilize. We can't figure out all the "when"s and the how-tos until we decide to start trying.

In other news, there's a brilliant post up at OpenLeft about why people feel the need to dump on Michelle Obama all the time. I think it's spot on. Oh, and the Miranda she quotes is, sadly, not me--it gave me a start when I read the name, though.

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