Wednesday, July 23, 2008

John McCain went on CBS News for an interview. He was asked about the surge, his signature policy on his (formerly) signature issue. McCain got the timeline and causality hopelessly wrong, and CBS covered it up. They edited out part of his bizarre answer and spliced in an extra question to make the rest of it look sane.

The page I linked to contains video of the broadcast and then a link the online transcript; the two are obviously different. Why they would fail to cover their tracks in this way is beyond me, but there it is. The supreme irony is that this took place as the McCain campaign was complaining that the media gives Obama more favorable treatment.

I hope the significance of this is obvious. If there was ever any question about whether the news media is a fundamentally broken system, I think that's over. As the author said, someone needs to lose their job over this.

Probably, though, no one will.

I urge you to tell everyone you know. The media cannot go on this way, and John McCain is in no way the right man for the presidency--he doesn't even seem to be compos mentis, at this rate.

ETA: If the original link doesn't satisfy you in explaining how McCain was wrong, go here.

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