Wednesday, March 25, 2009


It's funny--I like the Obamas, I think the President is a ferociously smart, politically talented, and competent man, and I think Michelle is a class act, but I'm not a huge Obama fan the way a lot of other people are. Not that I have a problem with him, I was just never really in love (okay, maybe once or twice for like a day). As I explained to an incredulous friend, I wasn't at Grant Park and that's okay because I love politics more than I love Barack Obama. (That may make me a soulless human being, but it's the truth.)

All that said, I have discovered that I have reserves of feral rage for people who want to trash-talk Michelle Obama. Seriously? You want to talk about her accent and then talk about who's classy and who's trash? You really want to go there? Seriously?

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