Monday, March 2, 2009

Anti-Stimulus protests

Okay, so the photo that everybody is spreading around from the Massive Grassroots Movement Groundswell Regular Folks Angry Refusal to Take It Anymore Because Rush Limbaugh Says So--aka the New American Tea Party (I mean, seriously?)--that went on about the stimulus last week or whenever is this one:

But this one has to be my favorite:

It was captioned, "He recycled this sign from an 'anti-global warming hysteria' protest." Given Weigel's fairly serious captions to the other photos (usually just writing out what the text on a sign was), I'm reasonably confident he is not making that up.

"What are we protesting?" "I dunno, probably liberals!" "Cool, I have a sign for that! It'll be ironic because it's one of their own."

Either that, or that guy was on the greatest acid trip of his life.

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