Thursday, January 22, 2009

Science resurgent

Steve Benen notes American scientists' jubilation at what seems to be President Obama's unusually strong commitment to supporting science.

This reminded me of the posts I saw from my friends studying the sciences who were delighted to hear him shout them out in his inauguration. It also reminded me of my seatmate on the bus from Boston to New York on New Year's, who was about to leave New York (having finished his Ph.D. at Columbia in theoretical chemistry) for I think Denver to work in a Dept. of Energy lab that was going to be trying to develop gasoline fuel alternatives under the new administration. He was so excited, not only about the science but about the project.

I won't lie and say I liked him personally all that much--I felt a bit used for entertainment, frankly--but I couldn't help but think of him when I read that post and feel a little glad.

In a clever rhetorical twist on a) the subject and b) the nature of the post, plus the fact that I used the phrase "shout them out", I give you "Shout Me Out" by TV on the Radio off their 2008 album "Dear Science".

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