Monday, January 26, 2009


Is all I really have the energy for right now. School during Chicago wintertime is enough by itself. So here we go:

Ezra Klein reports that China is moving on universal healthcare and may get there before the U.S. It's a particularly interesting case because their incentives are almost precisely opposite to ours.

Sullivan posts a reader email on the unsung profundity of the changes Obama has already made since taking office.

Bob Reich has some thoughts on what Keynesianism means in today's world. Interesting and probably quite politically controversial; I need to think a bit before I can formulate an opinion about it. I'm not qualified to say whether the economics makes sense on a level any more detailed than the very general layman's language Reich used.

A very interesting and detailed examination from the WSJ of how Israel might have contributed to Hamas's rise.

It would appear that Congressional Republicans are throwing up roadblocks to the stimulus bill over...federal aid to state budgets. Really? Steve Benen has the logic, such as it is.

The more predictable Republican objection to the stimulus plan: $200 million for family planning.

Finally, if you're interested in what I'm listening to, I've made a playlist here. Not sure if that will work or not--this is one of the more confusing websites I've ever dealt with.

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