Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It's time for my middle-of-the-night finals post.

I've been reading a ton of editorials about how Obama is "post-racial" because he doesn't talk about blackness all the time, and how all the OMG CAN A BLACK D00D B PREZ from the press/boomers is generational because "the youth" is so "post-racial." Apparently our attitude is, "what's the big deal?"

Now, I grew up in an uber-PC environment, but from what I can say from my own experience, the news, and hell the movies (the ones targeted for the youth, doncha know), we are certainly not post-racial.

So I can't decide if Paul Krugman et. al. are sadly overoptimistic, pulling some manipulative media stunt I'm not seeing, or if I just really can't comprehend how bad it has been in the past.

Probably some of all of it. At the same time:

"Mr. Obama’s campaign so de-emphasized race that for most of the 17-month nomination contest much of the news media became obsessed with the question of whether he was “black enough” to win black votes."

What a crock. Obama emphasized race about as much as most black people on the street emphasize race. What these intellectuals can't see is that the same issues that keep white folks up at night--the war, the economy, health care--are the same damn issues that keep black folks up at night. And I love the tautological bit about the news media obsessing over whether Obama is black enough. DUDE, YOU ARE THE NEWS MEDIA. You obsess over it because you're too lazy to ask the hard questions about Obama and race.

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