Friday, June 20, 2008


Congress rolled on FISA and telecom immunity.

You know how bad things are? I opened the paper today and saw multiple rah-rah headlines about the U.S. military's performance in the GWOT (Global War On Terror), along the lines of "Taliban forces routed in Northern Pakistan" and something about Iraq, and my immediate instinct was not to believe the headlines. It was like those newspaper montages in movies about dictators. (Call me paranoid, but even if those headlines did refer to actual victories, I'm pretty sure those victories were tiny drops in the massive bucket of fail indicated by the larger trend of all the news coming out of GWOT theaters.)

And now the government can wiretap whoever it wants, citizens included, and we can't even sue.

I would love to think that Obama will overturn this the second he gets into office, but I have very little faith in that happening.

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