Wednesday, April 9, 2008

This was written in a comment on my favorite blog in response to some asshat being all, "I'm not a feminist, I'm a humanist, because I don't believe in gender inequality."

You know why people told you to get the fuck over yourself? Because you need to get the fuck over yourself. "Humanist." Bah. If men and women were both equally oppressed, then maybe that would make some sense.

We aren't. Don't get me wrong, The Patriarchy Hurts Everyone®, but it hurts women more than it hurts men, and anyone who thinks otherwise is either willfully blind or a misogynist.

If you believe the genders should be equal, then you're a feminist or a feminist ally. Full stop. You're a feminist because you believe that the cause that women have been struggling with for generations is a worthwhile one, and that cause is worth furthering. That cause is called feminism. If men had, of our own accord, started working to ensure gender equality all by ourselves, then we could call the thing humanism. We didn't. Women had to pry every right they have from men. Women built feminism, and they named feminism, and neither you nor I nor anyone has the right to quibble with that name. It was earned with women's sweat and blood and tears. It is feminism because its very creation was feminine. If you don't like that, blame your forefathers. They're the ones who failed your dreams of humanism, not women.

And if you can't deal with the fact that women get top billing in feminism? Grow the fuck up. So not everything in the world is geared toward men. Now you know how women feel 100% of the time.


EDIT: It was written by a man, which shouldn't matter but probably will to someone anyway.

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