Monday, April 7, 2008

A man stood up in court and admitted to drugging, raping, and killing a woman. There is substantial evidence that he has drugged and raped multiple women before on his quest to have sex with 100 women.

He got five years in jail, five years on probation afterward, and he has to pay his victim's mother 5,000 dollars for her daughter's funeral.

I am so fucking sick of living in a sexist world. This death was not an accident. This was not sex gone wrong. Rape is never sex gone wrong, because the point is never sex. He should have been charged with premeditated rape and manslaughter at the very least.

This man stood in a courtroom and admitted to being a serial rapist, a danger to society, and he may not even serve five full years in jail.

I can't decide if this is as bad or worse than when an Italian court ruled that it was impossible to rape a woman wearing jeans, because it's impossible to get them off without her consent. Right.

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