Saturday, April 19, 2008

I know I say this now and again, but ON THE SERIOUS, everybody should read this article:

It discusses the systematic recruitment and indoctrination of former military officers by the Bush administration to act as experts/consultants in the news media in order to propagate positive perspectives (i.e. propaganda) about the war in Iraq, Iraq's connection to Al Qaeda, the conditions of the prison facilities in Guantánamo Bay, etc.

It's a bit long but it's very important information. The administration is on its way out, but the structure, spin capability, and corruption of the media, as well as the bizarrely incestuous relationship between the White House, the Pentagon, and the military-industrial complex (firms that make weapons) will remain.

Every time I turn around, this place looks more and more like all the nations we say are below the standards of liberal democracy.

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