Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Primary angst

I just can't take it anymore.

Clinton gave a great speech. I refuse, I absolutely refuse, to listen to or participate in any more discussion about how she didn't do enough, she should have said this, why are Obama's people letting the Clintons take over the convention, it's not good enough, some are still unconvinced, she's just setting herself up to run again in 2012/2016, Obama was dumb/too proud/sexist not to make her his veep...


The more people talk about how much there isn't unity, the less united it looks. The more people talk about the Clintons taking over, the more true it becomes. The more discussion of how Obama's not good enough or didn't assert his primacy over hers, the more it becomes a reality. Could everybody stop being such whiny-ass baby brats and LET. THE PRIMARY. GO?!

For crying out loud. I was ENJOYING this damn party until I started reading the news/the blogs and listening to people be SOURPUSS ASSHOLES.

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