Sunday, August 17, 2008

Feministe links to a Washington Post series on the working poor.

What's really worthwhile about this one to me, though, is the comments. I am economically privileged, and as far as I know everyone who reads here is in no danger of economic struggle. We hear a lot about downturn/recession/inflation/consumer goods, and it's all very real and true, but what you don't hear are these stories, anecdotes, experiences. There are a lot of highly educated hard-working people--people with spouses and family support--barely scraping by.

The bootstraps are dead, as far as I can tell.

Annnd for some interesting thoughts on the tenuous link between capitalism and democracy/freedom, read here.

Finally, it seems that the new draft of the Democratic Party platform is actually pretty good on several feminist issues. Of course, very little is said about LGBTQ because Obama could hardly give less of a shit, and my faith that much of the platform will translate into action is...less than strong, but at least they said the words.

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