Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Setting aside the fact that I am COMPLETELY FUCKED at the moment, I'm reading about the Eliot Carter string quartets for the paper (on which I'm COMPLETELY FUCKED) that I have to write, and this is the coolest shit ever.

Seriously, I actually forget occasionally how fucked I am because this is so damn AWESOME.

But yeah, screwed. Deeply and lovingly.

EDIT: Just wanted to add that there's something profoundly American about this music. It's been compared to a movie soundtrack (it's not), and I agree with that characterization. It's always a Hitchcock movie I think of, though. (Probably also worth noting that it was composed in the early fifties, which I would in fact have guessed from listening. How fascinating is it that I could listen to this and tell you it was composed by an American in the fifties, even though it's post-tonal and amelodic?)

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