Monday, June 15, 2009

Public Service Announcement

This space has generally been fairly non-personal. The thoughts are personal, but the data and the material has generally been garnered from other people.

Well, my summer studying in Damascus starts tomorrow; I'm leaving tonight. I've decided not to make a separate travel blog or journal because 1) it strikes me as a slightly wanker move when I've already got a blog, 2) it's not like the material is irrelevant, and 3) this is my nefarious plan to make more people who know me read the blog.

Plus, frankly, I hope to be spending less time surfing the blogosphere and more time, you know, experiencing the place I'll be in. I'd rather this particular field not lie fallow all summer.

So just a heads up: I don't know how often I'll get internet (frequently, no doubt, but not continuously as it has been), and the nature of the content is about to change.

You have been warned.

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