Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Ah, demos.

Ta-Nehisi said this was the best photo collection of Obama's campaign around. I had no idea how right he was--these are fucking awesome pictures, as photographs and as a representation of Obama's candidacy. Go Boston Globe!

Also, I love the first two comments:

sigh....really? I don't see how any of you can trust a politician. The terms "politician" and "blood-sucking parasite" are synonymous, and yet for some reason, all of you people think that this man actually has YOUR best interests at heart, just because he tells you so? HA! Never believe ANYONE who tells you that they will put YOUR interests above their own. The country has been given to a man who lies for a living, and everyone is celebrating. Gee, I wonder why our nation is falling behind?
That said...the pics above are nice and dramatic, but can we get some that show reality, not glamour? Thanks boss.


Nothing in my life has been more thrilling than this Presidential experience! I love it beyond measures that can be explained!

I just love the measured and reasoned discourse of the public, don't you? John Stuart Mill would be proud.

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